Sketchup and SU Podium - best on which laptop?

i am looking to buy a new laptop or PC advise please.

There are lots of threads on choosing a computer to use with SketchUp. Have a search and read.

A couple of key things: CPU speed is important. Number of cores is not so important, at least with SketchUp since SketchUp will only use one.

Graphics card: Avoid computers that only have integrated GPUs. Nvidia GTX graphics have been the best option for SketchUp.

Many thanks what about rendering using su podium ?

You should probably get on the Podium forum and ask for more specifics. The hardware requirements indicated on their website are reasonably vague.

As it is, combining that with the recommendations for SketchUp, I would look for something with a larger number of cores and high processor speed with an Nvidia GPU with a lot of graphics RAM.

Many thanks I really appreciate it

One last thing Dave would you opt for PC or laptop

You could opt for a PC laptop. :smiley:

I assume you mean desktop or laptop machine? My main computer is a desktop machine with a mid-sized tower. I like it because I can upgrade hardware if needed and add additional storage drives. I have an extended keyboard because I like using the number keypad for a lot of things. (You can get extended keyboards on some laptops.) I also have two decently sized displays with the secondary one being a Wacom Cintiq which is excellent for post processing images. (With the right laptop you can have multiple displays if you want.) It’s hardly portable, though, so I have a laptop, too. I don’t use the laptop very much and only turned it on yesterday for the first time in maybe two months.

Many thanks will look into it