Is it still possible to get sketchup 7?



The title explains it all…


In a word, no.




I’m curious what you are hoping to achieve by using SketchUp 7? Perhaps we can discuss how to accomplish the same or similar with newer versions?


SketchUp 7 shipped in November of 2008, almost nine years ago. We have maintained backwards compatibility (newer versions of SketchUp can always open files created by their ancestors) but have otherwise progressed considerably since then.

Is there a particular feature you are missing from SketchUp 2017 that makes you prefer this much older version?



If I remember correctly the EULA of SU 7 Free didn’t specifically prohibit commercial use. I could be wrong though.


It also had .dwg export/import. I think.


I think the same was true for SU8. Or so I have read several times in this forum.


If I remember right, that was a plugin that could be, for a time, downloaded separately


Again, if I remember right, the EULA was changed for a maintenance update of version 8.


I still have a copy of SU Make for Mac v8.0.16845 installed. (Is that M2?).

Also a copy for Windows.

But the link to the EULA in About SU goes now to the current licence on the website, not the former one, so I can’t tell you what it once said.


SketchUp never included a DWG/DXF exporter in any free version, though in versions prior to SketchUp 8 we did offer a DWG/DXF importer in the free version. The extension you remember was only there to expose the old UI for DWG/DXF import in SketchUp 7.1 (a maintenance release). Unfortunately, my blog posts announcing these changes have been lost in the ownership shuffle from Google to Trimble.



this one?


‘I entered the promocode, but I did not get discount?’:confused:


Of course you are joking, right?


for sure…

8 hours left in Pro version, never had Make or Free version , though…


I wish there was a free version of SketchUp 5 and older. Even if I manage to find the installers and could add them to my collection I’d be unable to use them :frowning: . And I suppose it’s quite difficult to obtain a license for them these days.2017-09-14_13h33_58


I still have the disk for 3.1.


down to v4 here.


@sketch3d_de: Thanks!

@jbacus: Is there any way to obtain a license for these versions so they can be used for more than 8 hours?