Is it possible to use Sketchup plugin for the web version?

I am a new user of sketchup web version.I need a plugin for bill of materials (BOM).i used it in desktop version.but in web i could not find any option for plugin .is it possible to plugin in web version? or any other option to make bill of materials without plugin in web version

No, but you can still download SketchUp Make 2017.

What is the relation between web version and sketchup make 2017? can i work web with sketchup make 2017?

SketchUp for Web and SketchUp Make have compatible files. SketchUp Make is the old free version for desktop and has plugins.

ok .but i need web plugin for bill of materials is there any way to do that.i want to do that in web not in desktop .you mean if i do it in desktop then import it in web but i need to it from web

Extensions/Plugins Do Not work with the Web version.
They do work with the Desktop version.