Is it possible to use SketchUp for Schools Offline?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

With the recent school closures due to the Corona Virus, I am trying to be proactive and planning for distance learning in the event of my school closure. My district is currently running a one-to-one with Chromebooks.

I am curious is it possible to use SketchUp for schools offline? A far-majority of my students do have access to wifi at home, I am just curious if there is a way to run the program offline.

Great thank you.

Currently SketchUp for Schools does not support offline functionality. Although many of the tools will still work when internet connection is lost, this is more to help maintain a continuous user experience during brief outages. Without internet, students will be unable to save their models until they are reconnected and so we would caution them if they are trying to work long term under those conditions.

Thank you for bringing this up, and please continue to reach out if there are questions and concerns that arise during these upcoming weeks. We know that classroom organization may look a bit different for everyone for the foreseeable future, and will remain active and available to assist you where we can.