Is it possible to twist an object

Hello, I have been a lurker for some time but I am unable to find the thing I am after. I draw gardens and landscaping and have a growing folder of pre drawn components that I simply add when needed. BBQ’s, gates, fences, that sort of thing.
One thing that I have yet to work out is how I can make something that is drawn on a horizontal plane fit to a slope.

For example, I have a 1.8m picket fence panel. A post at either end, and 15 picket pales set along two horizontal 75mm x 25mm battens. It is a single component so I can’t remove bits and twist and reattached without lots of bother. Is it possible to select the vertical parts, and rotate the item to fit along a slope? Think of a barrier for a level crossing, when it rises the top bar goes from horizontal to vertical, but the ‘barrier’ parts hanging down stay vertical.

I think I know the answer but thought I’d ask anyhow.

Many thanks in advance.

The most accurate way would probably be to make yourself a dynamic component of a fence section. (only possible in the Pro version) But that also requires quite a steep learning curve.
A quick solution would be to use the FredoScale plugin to shear one end of the panel upwards.
As you can see, it also skews the palings themselves, but on a slight slope this would be barely noticeable…especially if they are of the usual pointy-top variety.

Hi Alan, Thank you for replying. Managed to sort it without too much of an issue, I shall look into the solution you suggested when I have a mo, can’t justify the Pro version yet. Maybe one day.

There might be a skew tool extension.