Is it possible to see if my school has opted in for sketchup?

Hello, I would like to see if my university, Samford, has signed up for Sketchup - if they have not then I can work through getting that process going because I really need Sketchup for a project. The domain is

Thank you!

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SketchUp for Schools is a K-12 educational web app that is not available for use in higher ed.

As a university student you have a few different ways to access SketchUp. You can use the web-based SketchUp Free or SketchUp Shop

Personally I would recommend upgrading to a student subscription to SketchUp Studio.

The SketchUp Studio educational subscription includes access to SketchUp Pro, LayOut, Sefaira energy modeling, SketchUp Shop (web), Trimble Connect and viewers for mobile and AR/VR platforms.

can i join :grinning: