Is it possible to modify this perspective?



I wonder if there is any way to make this shape looks bigger on top, not changing the shape, only changing the perspective, I think it’s called “scape point”.

seven.skp (150.4 KB)


As an example, is it like this?


I’d like to look from the bottom (as you did) but make the top of the shape looks bigger. However, how did you do?

In your example the top looks smaller.


A perspective projection will always make things farther from the camera look smaller than ones closer. You can decrease the “convergence” by choosing a larger focal length, but convergence is fundamental to how perspective works and can’t be reversed to “divergence”. The only way to make your object look that way would be to actually scale the top larger.


You can play with the Field of View to change how that looks but, as mentioned, the closer to the lense, the larger items will look.


Thank you both.

However, it seems @ecati changed the perspective, the shape looks taller, how did he?


The strength of the perspective effect depends on the combination of camera location and focal length (equivalently field of view). @ecati just chose a particular combination that looks that way.


Most likely by adjusting the Field of View.


Cool, field of view looks useful, I didn’t try it before.

And where is the focal lenght option?



Focal Length is the same thing as Field of View. The first uses a length (comparable to a camera lens) to express while the latter uses a degree notation. You can use either when typing a value in the VCB when using the tool - use a mm or deg suffix as desired.


I just made the Field Of View value 90 deg.You can give the value you want.


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