Is it possible to lower the precision?

I hope this isn’t a stupid question…

I am only using Sketchup to make some very basic 3D printed models and one think that constantly gets me is the level of precision (down to 1/1000000mm)…

Is there a way to reduce the “precision” such that it only goes down to 1mm (or perhaps even 1/10mm)?

Go Window/Model info/Units and adjust it to suit.

Blimey… That was quick :slight_smile:

Thanks… I will check it out.

Edit: That worked… And that changes EVERYTHING for me. Cheers.

Precision should only matter if you are free handing things… If you build everything by entering values when creating geometry the model should be as accurate as you draw (and enter) it.

Adjusting the units displayed only changes what is displayed in the measurements but does not change the complexity of your model. For example drawing a 24 seg circle stays 24 seg irrespective of the unit display precision you set. If you have not made any changes after drawing a circle you can change that seg count in the entity info. If you want to change the overall complexity of the model the there will have to be some decimation done wherein the actual number of vertices, edges etc can be reduced. You model will get more "lumpy " then.
More info needed what you really want to do?
Post simple skp would would help.+ there are some plugins that can help also.

I think you’ll find that @jweaver had chosen the 3d Printing template that shows measurements to 6 decimal places and simply wanted to reduce the number displayed.
I didn’t have time when I replied to mention that the 3d printing template is nothing more than a bloated waste of space. It contains an overly large component of only one specific printer and nothing more. This is meant as a visual reference for the build space of your printer, but if you haven’t got a makerbot…
You can set up your template to suit you, set units, style etc, make a wireframe of your specific printer if you wish, purge any unwanted junk, (like the pointless makerbot) then use Save as Template so you have the same settings each time you start a new model.
You should also be aware that when making things for small 3d printing you can run into sketchups small face issue. Simply put tiny faces can be a problem to form, but can exist. Often it is best to work at a large scale and scale down when finished, or keep the large version and export to the correct scale.

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