Is it possible to implement zoning without lines in the building?

Hello, I’m Ruby’s novice developer.
There is a plug-in that I need to implement due to one project.
I want to divide the area with each other by zoning the building.
The important thing is not to draw lines, but to set the zone.
It is to divide the buildings in that area.
I linked the video because it was hard to explain in this article.
The video is implemented, but there is no code or plug-in for my reference.
If you have a similar plug-in, please recommend it, and it says that it was implemented using UI.
I’d appreciate it if you could give me a quick guide. Have a nice day.

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I just answered this in your other topic. The answer is the same.

I was surprised to see a picture of myself when I scrolled down. You found an old movie of a plugin I made for my masters thesis back in 2011-2012, on my personal youtube channel.

Ontopic: since the extension is that old I do not have plug and play code available to share. And, I honestly do not understand the question. What is it that you are trying to achieve?

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Nice to meet you. I happened to see a great video of you.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t ask you questions in detail because the plan hasn’t come out completely yet.
To briefly explain, if you click on the designated house, it is the part where the groups you set up look separated.
It’s about 6 seconds in the video. I wonder what classes are written and can be implemented like that.

The developer implemented it in 11-12, is it hard to implement it with Ruby Code now?
The sketchup I use is 2017. It’s not the latest version, but I want to implement it based on 2017.

Thank you for your answer.

Are you looking for a “space” or “room” detection algorithm? Because that is what is happening in this movie. When clicking the button in the toolbar the plugin tries to detect rooms in the model. Next, you can see that the user can change their color between orange and blue, indication heated vs non-heated spaces.