Will slab bottom and piloti bottom be implemented without a line?

Hello, I’m a novice Ruby plugin developer.
I’m making a plug-in and I’m wondering if it’s possible to implement it.
For example, a two-story building floor is a piloti floor formed by a protrusion between the slab floor and the floor. (Part caused by floor wider than 1st floor)
I wonder if the boundary between these two can be divided without lines.
How do we implement it so that we can divide the areas into slab and piloti through clicks?
Also, if you have a similar plugin, please recommend it.
I’d appreciate it if you could give me an answer. Have a nice day.

The boundary between two volumes would be a face for each.
You can hide faces and edges individually.

So try it manually, and then recreate what you have done in code.

Thank you for your answer!