Is it possible for SketchUp to add a section box feature in a future release

It’s no secret that SketchUp is a great design tool, but our team had some problems using it.
We are an interior design team and we use SketchUp to design everything about their private homes for our clients.Now, as our business grows, our need for the function of section box is increasing day by day.But SketchUp doesn’t have this feature.Although this can be achieved through the multi-group feature, it will bring more lag as you use it.As a result, our team had to consider changing tools as needed.Before we do that, we wonder if SketchUp will update the Slice Box feature.Thank you。
Thank you and look forward to your reply

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The section tool is a 2D feature in a 3D world. Yes it has its place in documentation, but as modelling becomes increasingly detailed the section tool also needs to move into the 3D domain to quickly deliver constrained views.

I do think representative section fills is and will be the biggest challenge for the developers though.