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I think that Sketchup is missing a section manager for a long time.

Sections are an essential part of an architect’s life and Sketchup shines on architecture. An integrated workflow regarding sections between Sketchup and Layout would probably be a simple feature and another CAD killer feature.

My thoughts about the new features are the following:

1 - A manager/inspector window for Sketchup like the one for scenes that allows us to manage sections independently of scenes;
2 - Allow for multiple sections to be active in the model (without the need for nesting them in groups/comps)
3 - Alternativelly or complementary to #2, would be a way of creating multiplanar sections;
4 - A way to generate Correct “Section Profiles” (Styles Manager “Section Lines”):
4.1 - Allow us to see geometry coplanar with section planes;
4.2 - Allo us to hide style’s manager section lines wich currently you can either change color or thickness, but you can’t hide (you can hide edges and profiles with styles but you can’t hide section lines… why not?).
5 - Allow for a manager in Layout that would relate to the one in sketchup and would affect viewports independently of sketchup scenes - this manager would allow a viewport to:
5.1 - Use the active sections on an existing scene;
5.2 - Override the camera of a scene into a parallel projection/perspective view aligned to the section plane without the need to create a scene.
5.3 - Choose a different model style than the one displayed in viewport ONLY for the sectioncutface (Skalp deals with this through layers wich is also cumbersome).
6 - Allow Layout to impose selected sections overlay lines into any viewport using the viewport’s camera.
7 - Allow Layout to tag viewports per active sections.

Currently a careful management of sections implies:

1 - Layer per section as sections have no other attributes that allow us to manage them apart from active/inactive or globally visible/invisible.
2 - Section layer managing visibility of a section per scene, as having 20+ simultaneous sections in a model is a workflow killer. Specially as only a single of those sections can be active at a time.
3 - Scene name management related to sections so we can know wich scenes to use for Layout.
4 - Multiple scenes needed for displaying healed sections and section cut faces. These are needed to mask away the bad section line that happens on unclean models. Clean models are hard to acomplish and only on those the section line is useful.

Though I’m grateful that the above workflow is possible, it is very very cumbersome and requires a lot of work to setup. Some plugins help, (Super section, section cut face, skalp, etc…) but it’s not enough.

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I’m adding a new one above: by splitting #4 as that one might be hard to grasp.

What I mean is having some way to hide “Section Lines” from the Styles Manager. These are the lines that are auto generated by sketchup when a section plane intersects the model. One can change it’s color and thickness, but we cannot hide them. The possibility to hide them would be very cool when you have a section cut face as a SectionCutFace’s profile is already generating that line and this Section Line interferes with it.

Original #4:

can you show an example, I’m more confused now…


Section Cuts! That’s what they’re called… sorry :grimacing:

5.2 Align view with the section plane is a new feature in Skalp 2.0
5.3 This cumbersome way is now fully automated in Skalp 2.0

Guy, those seem promising… can you elaborate a bit?

5.2 - does this mean you actually can have a layout viewport display a standard section (ortho view perpendicular to section plane) from a sectioned perspective scene of the model with a randomly placed camera?

5.3 - that’s very good news!

Is 2.0 out?

5.2 No, at this moment we just have a feature to very easy align your view with the section plane in SketchUp. But this discussion gave me an idea how I can create extra scenes (only available in LO) with only the ortho camera’s stored for the sections.

No 2.0 isn’t out. We presented 2.0 at 3D Basecamp. We are now running beta and hope to release very soon.

Maybe it has become time to try 2.0. Looking forward to it.

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Multiplanar Sections:

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Do you guys know of another way to control multiple line weights in Layout other than changing section cut widths in the scene or stacking layout view ports. I find both methods to be cumbersome. I still haven’t figured out a great way to control lineweights when a model consists of more than simply walls and basic elements. Whenever the model gets more complex and sophisitcated (trim, piping, electrical, HVAC systems) then my lineweight management turns into a nightmare. Maybe it is just a better combination of layers management mixed with scene setup.

Maybe that’s it.

Think of using colors instead and try the color by layer and material by axis. You can probably find a lot of creative uses for both.

I use color by layer and edge color by material when I want to have my textured model to show up in different colors. Overlayed with regular sections it becomes very useful for: