Is it possible/allowed to use Models from the warehouse for commercial Architectural Stills/Animations?

Hello Forum!
for the future I am planing to earn money with creating photorealistic Stills/Animations of buildings, based on 2d-Draftings or rough 3d-models from the clients. I am modeling with SketchUp and do Renderings with Lumion, later with Vray.

Is it allowed, to place Furniture from the 3d-warehouse in it?

Here is an example-Video of a building I made myself to test Lumion and the workflow. All the furniture there are presets by Lumion (except the kitchen, which is modeled by myself). But in the future I want to do more with Stuff from the warehouse.

Greetings, Peter

Start here:

Thanks Mike!
Recently I downloaded a nice bench from the warehouse and the creater of it attached the text "“Design Property of xxxx. All Rights Reserved”
Makes this any difference of using the bench in my architectural model?

Thanks, Greetings Peter

“I am not a lawyer, but”…
I understand that uploading his/her model into the Warehouse means that the owner has consented to the conditions specified in the terms of use, and cannot impose other conditions.

design rights I am led to believe inhibit you from manufacturing the design concept…

I use inhibit as it depends on the resources of the design rights holder to pursue you in court…

I am also led to believe the a ‘Pro’ licence holder can use any ‘model’ in a derivative work, for any purpose…



thanks a lot people!