Is it easier/better to do layout floor plan for furniture layout (just volumetric measures) in Layout?

Hi! It’s me, Luara. Good morning! I would like to know your opinion on if it’s easier/better to create a floor plan from Layout and then do the furniture layout ? (I just need volumetric ideas - square, circle, rectangle, so I can play around… study the flow of persons in the space) then to do the 3D in sketchup and from the 3D, to Layout… and also considering that in this case the drawing is more stylish.

Sorry if it’s confusing… =D

I think I stated my question wrong… it is easier to do a floor plan according to the norms and technical rules for my country from Layout… or… from 3D to layout?

I don’t know what the norms are in your country but I would recommend starting in SketchUp and create your model in 3D. Then if you need 2D plan or elevation views, set them up as scenes of the 3D model. It’s a whole lot easier to get 2D views from a 3D model than it is to go the other way round.

Okay! Thanks for the tip!

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