Is Deauthorizing Ok?


What to choose?
I want to Deauthorize All machines, so I hit Ok?





Do you wish to cancel continuing or continue canceling?


YES! (Post must be at lest 5 characters)

So going by this , at the quantum level schrodingers cat is both alive and not dead at the same time.

I’m both alive and not dead right now, does that make me a cat?

How would you feel about a little tuna right now?

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I used to live on Tuna. Didn’t like it. Too many noisy drunk students.

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Whatever the word means. For some reason there is a legion of places either with that name or names ending with that in Sweden and southwestern Finland

Maybe the people who named them just like fish.

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There is no tuna in the Baltic Sea. Herring was what people used to live on.

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But those vikings ranged far and probably found tuna when they were hungry. One tuna will feed a whole lot more vikings than one herring. :smiley:

Ok, managed to Deauthorize All (not by clicking Ok but Deauthorize All)

So now you are no longer authorized?


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I don’t know, I didn’t like it so I moved to the Butter Happiness (Smörlyckan) instead.

(Apparently lycka in this sense means a small cultured land surrounded by fence or woods. I didn’t know until I looked it up)

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Butter makes me happy, too.

So land made out of yogurt? :smiley:

Or maybe you mean cultivated land?

Are you suggesting I sometimes mix up words in a foreign language :open_mouth: ? Of course it’s made of yogurt! (which is kind of the same thing as fil in Swedish which also translates to file or lane)

No. Not at all.

Do you have lingonberry fil? That would be Lingonberry Lane. :smiley:

Seems like a title for a song.

It’s the name of your new band!

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