Irregular Shaped Rooms

Fairly new to SU and I have some questions regarding irregular room shapes and weird angles. I live in Las Vegas, home of oddly shaped rooms and niches, and I’m having a really hard time creating accurate floorplans. Is there a trick or an easier way to create these types of floorplans? I very rarely see a simple rectangle or square room.
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It really depends on exactly how the rooms are shaped. If there are at least a couple of square corners to start from, you could probably work out the other angles knowing the lengths of the walls.

The Arc and Pie tools can be useful for sorting out some angles especially if you also add in the Tangent Tools extension from Sketchucation. It can help you find true intersections of arcs.

Presumably you are doing interior design? Can you get anything in the way of floorplans from the builder or architect? Other options might be to use one of the many apps to scan the room so you can get a point cloud that can be imported into SketchUp.

If it is interior design, it may not be critical to get shapes exact. If no one will be using your model for construction documents you can get away with fudging some of the corners.

Thanks Dave. Yes, interior design so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Those are great suggestions. Do you happen to know any the apps you mentioned? I suppose I can google it.

A friend of mine uses Canvas LiDAR Scanner. Here’s a link:

Excellent. Thank you so much.

Sounds like investing in an Ipad would be a good idea for you.
Scan, design and collaborate in 3D — all on iPad | SketchUp

You could also use Polycam to scan the rooms. But if you can get an ipad i would agree with Box about using the new native Sketchup app. You just have to make sure you get one of the higher spec ipads with Lidar.

Thanks! Appreciate it. I have a pretty new iPad so I’ll give it a try.

Have one. I’ll start using it for work. Thanks so much.