Ipad pro - typing numbers for moving an object

So it’s been months since I’ve used sketchup, but I just did today, and as I tried to move an object this was an issue I ran into way back when which frustrated me to the max. You start typing the number of inches or mm you want to move it, but as you’re typing it automatically highlights the numbers as you type them. So essentially every number you type replaces the number you just typed. And I have to touch the query or number on the actual screen to remove the highlighted portion so i can type more than a one digit number. I feel like there has to be an obvious and simple solution to this, but alas, I have not found it. I’m gonna screen record it now and post in case this doesn’t make sense.

Are you using Apple Pencil? Try to have it far from the screen while typing

Negative. This is when I’m using a mouse.

Then avoid moving the mouse while typing

This is when I’m not moving the mouse. Just using a smart keyboard for typing.

And you haven’t thrown it out the window yet!

Lol dude i want to kill

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Yeah I bet, I don’t really have anything to help as I don’t use a mouse with mine, always pencil. I don’t even have an appropriate mouse to test with.
Come to to think of it it is really a keyboard focus issue rather than a mouse one, might be some settings somewhere.

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I tried on mine, can’t replicate the problem, but looking at yours again I don’t get those quote tabs on mine. So I am guessing a setting somewhere, perhaps an auto text, auto search, something like that. Not a sketchup setting but an ipad one.

That’s a good observation, and I appreciate your trial. I just tried turning off the smart features in the native keyboard settings without success. I will continue to see if there’s a non-sketchup setting that could be the culprit.

Also, you said you didn’t have an appropriate mouse to test with, maybe that’s the factor? Just thinking out loud now…

Disconnect your mouse and see if the problem persists.

Negative. I turned off the mouse and nothing. I ‘forgot’ the mouse via bluetooth settings - same. I turned off, then forgot all my bluetooth devices besides my airpods - so the mouse, keyboard, pencil, and trackpad, still no dice… I’m going to try reconnecting all those and using the ipad on my ipad stand to see if the ‘smart’ keyboard is liable…

Nope. And I have been ‘closing’ sketchup each time I tried any of these options.

If you type on the screen, do you have the same problem?

No. I guess you can’t see in the video, but if I were to exclusively type by pointing on the screen, it doesn’t happen.

Another thought, have you checked that your ipad OS is up to date and that you have the most current version of Skechup.

Yep all current.

Hey @riley.james thank you for the report and for the video. Sorry for the trouble that you’re experiencing - and thanks to @rtches and @Box for all of the great suggestions thus far.

We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with a keyboard yet either, but we’ll keep trying.

Curious, have you tried docking the measurements box, vs using it as a floating widget? I’m wondering whether the issue persists in the docked state.

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This seems a bit like it, but is slightly different:

Have nothing selected
Trackpad choose select, select object
Trackpad choose move, select start point
Move into direction (dim panel collapsed)
Type a number (dim panel expands, no highlighted number)
Move slightly with the trackpad
The focus now remains in the dim panel and highlights every keystroke

That seems to be the culprit - docked vs floating. I came here to say that I deleted and reinstalled sketchup, started it up, and I had no issue when I typed in my units. Besides the reinstall, the only noticable UI difference was that the box was now docked. I tried moving the box to floating, same issue as before. Moved it back to docked and all good. Something’s goofy there, but I can at least live with this.