Introducing SketchUp Studio for Universities

SketchUp Studio for Higher Education is making some serious strides in providing a design program creative enough for students, and robust enough for administrators and teachers. With new updates to the higher education offering and changes to the account management portal, it’s never been easier to use SketchUp at your university.

Just like the rest of SketchUp, all of SketchUp Studio for Higher Education is moving to subscription with a new, additional offering called SketchUp Studio for Universities (replacing SketchUp Pro Laptop Licensing). There are now three subscriptions you can choose from based on your needs:

  • SketchUp Studio for Students (best for single student users)
  • SketchUp Studio for Educators (best for single educator users)
  • SketchUp Studio for Universities (best for 10 or more users)

SketchUp Studio for Universities is a significant upgrade from our original SketchUp Pro Institutional Laptop Licensing (no longer available for purchase) and provides easy access to our core suite of products in an easy-to-manage subscription. If your university transitions from the original SketchUp Pro Laptop Licensing to the SketchUp Studio for Universities subscription, students will have access to a much more robust toolset including SketchUp Pro, SketchUp for Web, Sefaira, Trimble Connect Business, LayOut, Mobile Viewer, and PreDesign.

And that’s not all! The account management portal went to summer school too. Now, you can easily deploy and manage multiple SketchUp subscription seats using new bulk user upload and management features. Swap and shuffle entitlements with ease or bulk-delete students that no longer require SketchUp to free up additional seats for students who do.

We hope these changes make using SketchUp at your university even easier. Let us know what you think! And, if you have any questions, contact your local reseller.

Looking for more information on SketchUp Pro Network Lab Licensing versus the new SketchUp Studio for Universities? Check out some frequently asked questions.

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I think it should be made clear that Studio for higher educational does not include access to V-Ray or Scan essentials.

Thanks for the feedback Mike. That is one of the key differences between SketchUp Studio and SketchUp Studio for Higher Education. We also continue to include Sefaira, where the commercial offering does not.
If you check out the FAQ the we linked to you’ll see that we call out both differences in the very first section!

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