Introducing RoomBox: Render-ready interiors in one click

Today we are proud to introduce RoomBox, our new SketchUp extension! :tada:

Render-ready interiors in one click

Instill life into your SketchUp models by quickly and easily populating facades with render-ready rooms.

Render-ready interiors for all your needs

The largest collection of rooms ready to be inserted into your models. Shops, office spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens… You name it!

Every room comes with both night and day versions as well as low and high resolution variants.

Instantly create and edit rooms

Adding a room to your models is a breeze: select it in the library, click on a surface in your model, and you’re done.

Once a room has been created, use our Room editor to modify its contents. There’s no need to manually fiddle with interior maps in an external image editor to get what you want.

­It supports V-Ray, Enscape, and Thea out-of-the-box. Rooms can also be rendered in any other rendering engines with minimal manual tweaking of the materials (Lumion, D5, Twinmotion, etc).

Keep your model lightweight

A room is made of just a handful of faces, but from a distance it looks like a fully furnished, textured, and lit interior.
This keeps your model lightweight even with dozens or hundreds of rooms.

Import custom rooms with RoomBox Pro

For unlimited possibilities, you can even create custom rooms by importing your own interior maps.

Try the free samples

Get started right now by downloading RoomBox and trying the free rooms.

Download now, it’s free!


For those doing architectural renders this is a massive time saver…
the task of mapping interior images to external scenes is a real challenge
Looking forward to giving it a try, hopefully you have some retail shopfronts :slight_smile:

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