Maxwell Render - Rendering One Model in Multiple Finishes

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I’m currently trialling a free version of Maxwell render for Sketchup with the purpose of being able to render items of furniture in multiple finishes. Let’s say for example I have a filing Cabinet - The lock will be chrome, the feet will be black plastic but the carcass is available in 20 different colours. Is there a way to layer the materials or set it up so that it will procedurally render the furniture in the multiple finishes specified rather than having to wait for 1 to finish before applying the next material? Sorry if this isn’t worded properly, I can elaborate if you need anymore information.

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Never used Maxwell, but most render software gives you the option to renders scenes.
Build the scenes with correctly coloured components on visible layers so that you can set the render and walk away.

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I been using Maxwell for a while now, I imagine you will be able to do this within Maxwell Studio. But you might have more luck asking over at the Maxwell forum.