Intersect faces

I’m using intersect faces to put a undercounter basin in a marble top.
However, it looks strange, we saw all that rings that belongs to the basin and that should be hidden
Any help, please. File attached.

There’s an image, but no skp file.

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basin.skp (12.4 MB) Here the sketchup file
thank you

I can’t be sure without seeing the basin before you did the intersection, but it looks like maybe you did it the wrong way out. That is, with the basin component open for edit. The edges created by intersect faces are put into the current edit context, so if I’m right, they went into the basin component not the marble top.

basin.skp (13.6 MB) You probably are right, but herewith the basin anyway. Thank you

That’s definitely what happened. I had no trouble doing the intersect when not opening the basin for edit.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.01.08 AM

Since you have SU Pro, I’d suggest using the solid tools Trim to do this instead, but it appears that the basin model has a lot of flaws you would have to repair before it will be a solid.

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thank you.