Intersect Faces - another way?


Hey all

I am trying to intersect a rod into a small sphere (10mm diameter) so I can create a void within the sphere however I cant achieve a clean cut.

Is there any other way of creating a clear cut without scaling the object up?




Scale the model up by 10 or 100x before intersect.


The OP doesn’t want to scale up.

But wasn’t there a “DaveR”_method involving two instances of the same component, one being the original size and one being a scaled up version?


I know.

Yes. Make a copy of the component, scale it up leaving the original alone and run the Intersect operation on the scaled copy. Then close it and delete it. Returning to the original will show it got the same treatment and is at the desired size.

Either way, at it’s current size, the geometry is too small to avoid the holes. It doesn’t matter how the void is created. The only way to make it work is by making the geometry larger.


Booltools 2 was designed to handle small objects like this without having to scale. You can download it for free and preview the expected result of the solid subtraction. But it is a paid extension.


thank you


OK - another question in that case - what is the best way of scaling up by 100? thanks


Select the component, get the Scale tool, click on a corner handle, drag that handle away from the component a bit, let go of the mouse, type 100, and hit Enter.


just saw that one after posting, a tad obvious! thanks :smiley:


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