Interacting with client using dwg files

I have a client who uses sales charts to sell his mausoleum spaces. He uses auto cad to draw these and saves as a dwg file. Is there a way we can interact with a sketchup file so he can make changes in a dwg format or is there another drawing program I could use other than auto cad so I could send to him and he could make changes and send back to me and vice versa?
Sales_Westview Chapel–ELEVATION 1.pdf (109.7 KB)

If you want to stay in the DWG arena and can’t afford Autodesk products, try using eDrawings. I haven’t mastered it for creating or editing drawings myself. I use if for looking at DWG drawings I receive. But it is a full blown package. Saves converting back and forth.

thanks Simon. I’ll try that.

Friday, I sent my client a DWG file from Layout, and when he opened it in Auto Cad, the lines were too thick to be used. Please advise. I attached my file and his after opening in Auto Cad
rectangle and bush.dwg (2.2 MB)

Uploading: rectangle and bush.dwg…