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Hi All
Iv been using Sketchup for about 3 months now and as a method engineer I make work instructions on how to build our products for the shop floor and at the moment I just use word and add pics to instruct on how to build each item. Is there anyway I use SketchUp to make work instructions i.e. explode the parts automatically and add numbers & text a bit like a IKEA manual?

Have you looked at using LayOut to create your manual? In LayOut you can take advantage of scenes and perhaps that could help you.

Although there are a few old plugins that make exploded views, in my experience they generally don’t do what is really needed and actually create more work than they save.

As @ntxdave wrote, a combination of SketchUp and LayOut would be a good option. I use the two for detailed furniture plans. Assembly instructions would be easier. Some of the labeling in LayOut can be automated if you set up your SketchUp model correctly.

You can also set up the LayOut template with the company logo and other information that would show on each manual so you gain consistency in appearance.

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I was thinking of getting a 3D model from the design department, importing that model, then exploding it.
Iv had a bit of time on layout but not enough to do this.
ill have to get playing.

Hopefully the model is made correctly for the task. Remember that the Explode command in the Context menu is absolutely not what you want to use.

If you were willing to share one of your SketchUp models, I could make up a simple example for you. If you can’t share the file publicly, send it via a private message.