Help plz. Thanks

Hello every one
Hope your day is good
I’m working on furniture design and i want some plug in orders help me in my work
Like exploded model
Cutting sheet
Cnc holing

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by exploded model. When I make scenes, I use move/copy to explode the model’s parts. Cutting lists are available in extensions for Pro users, but when you have copies of parts used in you scenes, they appear additionally in your cut list. You have to go through and edit the copies out to get what you need. I just use the scenes in place of a cutting list. That way if reality shows that something needs to be adjusted during the build, you make adjustments to fit as you progress. You can then adjust your model to what works. If you organize your scenes, you can build in the most efficient sequence that helps during your build (for example making all same length cuts while you have your machine set up).

There are a few different cutlist extensions available. Have a look at the Extension Warehouse.

As for exploded views, there are a couple of really old plugins that will do it but what I’ve found is the exploded views they create are never exactly what I want. It’s trivial to make exploded views with the Select and Move tools. Example:

Look at an extension called Fabber for the CNC stuff.