Install Extensions for all PC users

I need to install the “Export/Import STL” extension on my domain network for all users. When I install it as domain admin, it works and functions as normal. But, after logoff and login as a different domain user the extension is no longer available. I am working in a school environment with hundreds of unique user logins/profiles, so individually installing the extension for each user would be unfeasible.

The default native-Installer ALWAYS puts files in the user’s Plugins folder [at least since v2013].
If there’s a [pre-made] folder C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp\Plugins then any plugin files found in that will also auto-load as SketchUp starts.
So you can make that extra Plugins folder…

The simplest way to load into that folder… is to install & use the SketchUcation PluginStore Toolset Plugin Store Download | SketchUcation
It has a submenu item ‘Archiver Installer…’ that will install RBZ/ZIP archives - and if you have an additional-plugins folder defined - like the ‘ProgramData/…/Plugins’ one - then it offers you to choice of that as a destination for the installation of your RBZ…
When it’s been installed there, ANYONE who uses SketchUp on that PC also auto-installs that Plugin from ProgramData/…/Plugins as SketchUp starts.

If you have already installed a Plugin in your main folder. but now you would like only to use the ProgramData/…/Plugins version… use the SketchUcation submenu to ‘Uninstall Plugin’ of the version you don’t want to auto-load !