Installation package of Sketchup with extension already included

I’m quite new in Sketchup but till now I didn’t find an answer for my question.

Like in title I would like to have Installation package of Sketchup with already included my custom extension.
Are there any Sketchup solutions? I know that I could use some external tool but I’m asking for some Sketchup solution.


I’m not sure what you mean. Different users use different custom extensions. I assume you don’t want separate installers for each set of extensions people use? That would probably require thousands of different installers. Do you want to easier migrate extensions from an earlier SketchUp version? What extensions do you mean by “my custom extensions”?

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It sounds to me as if @m07t0m wants to distribute SketchUp with his own custom extension included so it gets installed as the program gets installed. I would expect the answer is no for a couple of reasons. But the OP should talk to SketchUp marketing directly and ask them.

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I think that modifying the installation package in any way would violate the EULA and therefore require negotiation with Trimble to get an exemption - which they would be under no obligation to grant.

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We are developing extension dedicated for specific customer he will use Sketchup only for this one extension, I don’t need any other extensions. To simplify installation we would like to have it already in Plugins folder. But it seems that it’s not so simple so we will choose another option with external installer. Thank you all for help!

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Just a suggestion. Give your client a link to download SketchUp 2018 Pro and explicit installation instructions. If they are installing on Windows machines, make sure to give them instructions to right click on the installer and select Run as administrator so that SketchUp gets installed correctly.


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