Extrude tool problem

I cannot install the free extrude tool in SketchUp I have downloaded the tool to install but don’t know what the problem is after I click install. It is not completing the installation and now I can’t remove the extension to redo the process.

What are you doing to install it? Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) which has no facility to use extensions.
Screenshot - 5_1_2023 , 1_16_14 PM

I am working on our Pro version at work I am not sure what the issue is

What is the indication that the installation isn’t completing? Exactly what steps are you using to install it?

I went to SketchUp school Downloaded the extension then I went to the extension manager clicked on install extension which was in my downloads I opened it clicked install. I don’t see the icon tool bar anywhere nothing to indicate that it is in my Pro

You should first make sure you have the correct and most current version of Extrude Tools by getting them from the Sketchucation ExtensionStore. Then after installing the extensionquit and restart SketchUp.

It is on Windows or Mac?

I did get it from Sketchucation Extension Store. I will try signing out of SketchUp Pro and sign in again If it does not work how do I get this out of the extension manager and start over

I am in windows

That’s not what you previously wrote.

You shouldn’t need to sign out of SketchUp and sign back in. Just close it and restart to make sure the extension loads.
Was SketchUp installed correctly? That requires right clicking on the installer file that was downloaded from SketchUp.com and choosing Run as administrator. If it wasn’t you might have permission issues.

Did you look in View>Toolbars for it?

You should be able to uninstall it via the Extension Manager if you have to.

Thanks, Dave, for the help it was there all along. View>Toolbars was the answer. I am still new to all this and the process to finding things can get confusing to me. I appreciate the help.