Extension not available for other users on same computer

I have installed the SketchUp STL extension using admin rights. Other users on the same computer can use SketchUp (Make 2016), but not the extension. How do I make the extension available for all users in one go?

Thanks for your support!

Find the ‘shared’ folder:
C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp
Note this is hidden by default…
If it does not already contain a Plugins folder in there, then make it.

Find the ‘sketchup-stl.rb’ file and its supporting subfolder named ‘sketchup-stl’,
Move the file and subfolder into this Plugins folder.

All users on that computer should now have that Extension loading as they start SketchUp 2016.
Anything found in this shared location is loaded for every user…

Note that if the Extension is updated you’ll need to redo the process, because SketchUp always installs its RBZs into the user’s own Plugins folder.

However, if you install the SketchUcation ExtensionStore³ toolset RBZ, then that allows you to choose an alternative destination if one is available. So in that case download the STL RBZ and use the SCF toolset’s submenu item to ‘Install from Archive’, choose the STL RBZ - if you have previously made the C:/ProgramData/…/Plugins folder that will now be offered as an alternative destination… Choose it and the installation is automatically done using that folder…

You need to make the folders required on your mac…

I use the Shared folder on my mac to store rbz files for ones I wish to share…

Each user can then instal them from there if they want them…


I Have the same problem in SU 2016 pro - I have purchased a number of plugins [Skalp, Profile Builder etc etc] and provided them on one of my computers.

I get a new staff member, they get a new windows account and now I have to load individually every plugin that was also in the old staff account,

Further, the paid plugins all expect me to purchase them again.

I am really hate bloody Windows creating the concept of the hidden user appdata folder, it seems a great big stuff-up but at least I would not expect Sketchup / Trimble to compound problems by failing to recognise this problem with porting plugins to new users on the same machine.

Is the plugin install linked to the computer? the SU software? or the User?