Install and operate SketchUp Maker to MacBook with Snow Leopard OS 10.6.8 . Can a download be done to older version, or is their a way around the Mac?


I have an older MacBook using the Snow Leopard OS 10.6.8 and unable to upgrade.
Is there an earlier version I can download, or is there a patch to work on my OS system?


You can get an older version from here.


it is apparently sad that the NoteBook that I use is not able to upgrade to higher OS, as 10.7 = 2014 while 10.9 = 2015 my OS is 10.6 = 2013 that you say is not available, and this is most inconvenient since the model of documentation I am building for a client construction is on a public system that I dont have readily available systems too.

Can you recommend an alternative method to transfer the Sketchup Maker file into that will continue on the OS 10.6 MacBook?


The highest SketchUp version you can use is v8 MR5. This version is no longer supported, nor distributed.

Perhaps try using a later Windows version under a virtual box ?


? July 20, 2011. That’s 4 years, 4 months, and 27 days ago. If you’re a nice, honest person, I’ll help you. If you’re not, take your old hardware somewhere else. I, too, have a 2007 machine, and it’s running SketchUp.