Insight or tips: curved tube w/ hammered-tapering ends

Hello just wondering if anyone could provide a tip on completing the end of this piece. It is a practice project and I have been able to get it close, but see lot of time to get it to match the photo. It is in my home and the rest of the ornate ends will be another challenge in themselves. This is three files scraped in an hour and I have been copying the face with an off-set, auto-fold. Then scaling that to an ellipse and moved some more. FredoScale- Radial Bender got it to that position. I tried to make the end piece a component and do the scale-up trick as for intersecting with a copy of it. As the first attempts where “stubbier” not as elongated end pieces and the Radial bender was adding gaps along the bottom edge. They were a mess.

The screen shots are what the coffee table looks like and the curved flattened ends on it is my issue. The file is what I have got to. In the shop it is a snap to heat and hammer the tube steel, I was wondering if there were a few pointers on getting SU to hammer it out. Thanks for any advice…Peace…

Fourum_submit.skp (305.4 KB)

This is what is happening when I work on the end face with the Fredo tool, I am lacking and stumped on how to remedy it
.Fourum_submit2.skp (542.4 KB)

It appears you’re trying to fashion the curled end with FredoScale.
Try extruding the entire curl with Follow Me and then use FredoScale only to modify (squash) the end.

Notice in the attached model I exploded the last arc in the curl.
That creates visible (hard) edges at each segment of the extrusion.
Those annular rings are what you want to be able to select and scale with FredoScale-Box Scaling

Tube.skp (887.5 KB)

To tidy things up a bit, I used the Move tool to drag a few endpoints together at the very tip.
The Sandbox - Flip Edge tool helps there too.
Tweaking Tool Tips — SketchUp Sage Site

Hello and Thank You… it is exactly what I was not doing. I am just in and will be going at in a bit, and your file and the Tweaking Tool Tips is a big help. I have some time with Rhino5 and using points // control points to help edit in it. I have the statement SU is not CAD drilled into my head and I forget that using hidden geometry is an option…hidden, out of sight out of mind. I need to just leave it on and and make a short cut key for it. Thanks again and the little pineapple end caps I have booked marked a post on knurling you also chimed in on. (Bonus!!) So when I get to them the Move tool tip will be a bonus there. Enough said, back to LEARNING…and thanks for your time and energy…Peace…