Inserting component into drawing

Newbie cabinet maker here.
I have drawn my kitchen but after loading a sink from the 3d warehouse I cannot get it to lock into position.
Any ideas?

What’s the component? Maybe it is either a Dynamic Component, or has Glue to… set?

Or maybe its origin is just way off.

Try downloading first into an empty drawing, and examine it. Lots of warehouse components are totally unsuitable for use in larger models, badly drawn, or immensely over-detailed.

Post a link here to the component on the warehouse, and/or upload your model you have imported or inserted it into, to get further advice.

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Tried to upload my skp.but it said it was to big.
I don’t understand why. It’s only one room.
Any ideas?

Another possible issue is that if the 3dWH SKP was ill-advisedly saved with a geolocation set then it will always snap to the origin when first inserted.

What do you mean exactly by ‘lock into position’ ?

Here’s my sink.
just got the same message on the sink.
Must be doing something wrong. It’s just a sink!

The forum has a limit of 3MB for files uploaded directly. Larger files, as John mentioned, need to be loaded to some file-sharing site (possibly the 3D Warehouse) and the provide a link here (make sure the share is publicly accessible).

In the mean time, here are some things you can do to explore why your seemingly simple file is so large:

  • Open the Model Info->Statistics pane and look at the counts of edges and faces. If they are large, you likely have modeled something at excessive detail and can reduce the file size by finding and simplifying it. Components imported form the 3dWarehouse are notorious for excessive detail.
  • Again in Model Info->Statistics, click Purge unused to get rid of spurious things.
  • Take a look at any texture materials’ images and see if the image files are large. Large texture images can bloat a file size.

Nothing was attached to your post. Please try again.

Tried to place it into the counter top.
No go.
Just tried to send the skp.file to another person on this thread but got the message that the file was to large.
It’s just one room.
Also tried to send skp. file of the sink from a new empty model but it also said that was to big.
It was just a sink! I must be doing something wrong.
Any ideas?

Follow the steps I outlined above using the file with just the sink in it. I suspect it is one of those absurdly over-detailed models we see often on the 3dWarehouse. What was the name of the sink model on the 3dW?

Uploaded it to 3d warehouse under kitchen remodel. can’t figure out how to share it though.

K-3845 Octave by Kohler

That sink model may be overdetailed for what you need. It contains 46530 edges and 30870 faces, though no textures. A very large fraction of them are in the drain baskets! You could significantly reduce the burden by re-drawing them using simpler geometry.

It does not have any glue-to or cuts-opening behavior, so you will have to cut an opening for it through the countertop yourself. But otherwise I can’t see anything that would prevent you from moving it into position on your countertop. To avoid issues with where the modeler placed the origin of the component, drag a copy into free space above the countertop approximately where you want it. Then use the move tool to align it horizontally above where you want it. Finally use the move tool to drop it into place along the blue direction. Click a point on the surface of the flange that you want to match the countertop (bottom of flange for top-mount, top of flange for undermount), lock the move to the vertical axis, and click on a point on either the top or bottom face of the countertop as appropriate.

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