Increase wall height issues

Help please !
Complete beginner. Im having an attempt at building the ground floor of a house, I was attempting to put in all the holes for doors and windows, and then raise the walls to the correct height and fill in the tops to the doors & top and bottom to windows.

However I can seem to get the walls to Push/pull to the correct height. (2419mm)
Every time I try it calculates the start as the top of the current wall height. the result is a wall much too big.

I know Im probably doing lots of things wrong but is there any way to salvage this model?
Many thanks

GF layout atempt.1.skp (228.4 KB)

The Push/Pull distance you enter is the distance the face moves. If you want the walls to be 2419mm tall, you need to enter 1133 for the Push/Pull distance based on the height you already have the walls set to.

Or to save you any arithmetic you can make a guide-line from the base of the wall vertically upwards, and type the required total wall-height + enter.
Then PushPull the top of the wall up to that guide-line with a snap.
For other unconnected walls you can PushPull their tops either snapping to the guide-line or to the top of an already correctly sized wall.


Many Thanks Dave !

If the walls are a group, you could use the scale tool and enter 2419mm, this would make them that height as it calculates the complete height of the group ( have to enter “mm” after number or else it will scale them x2419).
As you don’t yet have doors and windows in the model this would work fine for the walls but if you had doors and windows this would scale those too, and not be good.


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Thanks for that !