Increase space between copies


I’m looking for a way, or a plugin to increase space between copies, like an uneven array.
I found TIG’s “grow” plugin, that has an exponential option for copies, but that won’t fit since I’d rather have an (x+n) formula instead of (x*n) where x is the space between two entities and because I also need to give a specific direction to the array.

doing it manually would take forever as i’m planing to make hundreds of copies

Does anyone have an Idea about how to perform such a thing ?

Isn’t deleting (n-first) or (n-last) and then trying a new array an option? Maybe this is (for you anyway) not hitting the nail on the head.

(Although I can see the advantage of a plugin that would widen the distance between each of the objects in a selection.)

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With SDM Multiple Offsets, CadFather JHS POWERBAR 2020 v2020.1 and S4U to Components

Tests the other Multiple Offsets options, Constant and Formula.

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Thank you both for your answers.
I tried combining arrays After dividing a line in several pieces but it is way too long and the impression of a progressive repetition isn’t quite there.
Mihai, good Idea for the multiple offset, I will explore this. (By the way JHS powerbar includes TIG’s component at nodes - or some similar name, i’m currently on my phone and unable to check it out - I believe it’s the very last icon)

I’ll try it out tomorrow and will report
Thanks again !

Another option is to work with ‘Glue to’ objects, glued to a face.

The local axes origins are related to the face’s current length. Scale that direction 2x and all objects will increase their respective distances 2x.

It requires a little excercise. But this may work for you.
Next example shows a face with repetative objects glued to it.
Then the face size is corrected to be (for instance) also 1000mm
Next is to scale that face to x times or to precise dimensions (units included!). Face and spacing work together. Here I scaled the face length to 1600mm

p.s. This is not only ristricted to the direction of the three axes of the current face environment.
Also moving/rotating the face also moves/rotates the objects the same distance/angle as if they are all grouped together.
added: the distances can be different / not all 1000mm to begin with.

My math is sleeping tonight. I distinctly remember doing this once by accident in a Dynamic Component formula, but now, trying to reproduce it…


Incrementor.skp (367,8 KB)

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I’m not sure I made myself clear, sorry for my english. I’m not looking to widen the space between copied objects, but creating an array with variable Space (incremental) between them. For example, 1m long between the original object and the first copy, 2m between the first copy and the second, 3… For a given number of copies. Mihai trick with the multiple offset and components at nodes would do the trick, After having made a list with excel, i’ll try it

I’ve seen subjects searching in the forum talking about Dynamic components but did not find a true solution

you’re a boss ! thank you so much !

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I need to read better. My mistake. I now see what was there to begin with.
(Although I did find out some useful tricks with what I was working with in the example)

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Late to the party and it’s not quite what you want, but Tig’s grow will do a stepped array.

true ! as I stated on my first post, I found this grow plugin and for some reason I only explored exponential scaling, and not linear…
thanks Box. Anyway, I find Jack’s dynamic component very convenient

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