Inconsistent 3D Warehouse interface between accounts


When using the 3D Warehouse, through an internet browser me and some of my clients are seeing completely different interfaces. More precisely - when trying to edit a public models thumbnail image:

  1. SketchUp user with older Trimble account sees the old way of editing thumbnails;
  2. SketchUp user with new Trimble account sees the modern one;
  3. I don’t see an option to edit the thumbnail at all with neither.

The online help page for 3D warehouse does not show how to work in the new interface.

What could be the issue? Is the new interface in test mode for select users?

Check out the posts at the top of the Warehouse category in this forum - may be helpful.

Couldn’t find anything to help with this question.
All of the users are using Chorme, so that leaves out problems that could occur with IE.

This wasn’t an issue?

You will no longer be able to access all features of 3D Warehouse using the web dialog in SketchUp 2016 and earlier. The built-in dialog uses an embedded version of Internet Explorer even when you have Chrome, Firefox or Edge installed on the same computer.

All users have SketchUp Pro 2019, but that is irrelevant as they are not using 3D Warehouse from the SketchUp browser, but accessing it from desktop application.

You have users with IE? That could be a problem. See this from a year ago:

Nope, all are using Chrome.
The only variable here seems to be is what account is used to access 3D warehouse.
I don’t know if there is a difference between logging in with Trimble or Google account.

Can you show screen captures of the differences?

I tested the Google sign in and Trimble ID log in, and they were the same. I don’t have an old Trimble ID though.

If I remember correctly, various updates and changes to the warehouse are rolled out over time to different users in different ways, Usually to specific servers only so they can keep track of and fix any issues as they arise without wiping out the whole system
It could be that you and your users are on different servers or even randomly selected paths.
You could all try clearing your caches and see if that brings things into sync .

From the newer account:

From the older one
And from my account I don’t see any option to edit thumbnails.

We are in the process of transitioning the user interface for certain pages and different users may see different versions of the same page. Sorry that is causing some confusion.


Thank you for the reply!
Is there any trick a user could do to see the new interface already?

Sure thing!

There isn’t any trick to making the new interface visible. We’re testing a new UI and will transition all users in the next few months.

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I just purchased my Pro Subscription and I cannot edit my thumbnails. Two weeks ago it worked fine, but now the option has disappeared. Can you help with how to resolve as I’m creating products from my company and want them to display better in the warehouse.

You mean the thumbnails of your collections?

No, the model thumbnails. In the middle there are the 2 models that don’t look consistent. Before when I went into edit, I was able to click on the displayed image and replace it with a file. The option is no longer available.

There was a change in how SketchUp generated the thumbnails of components, maybe it is connected. After all, a component is like a little SketchUp model.
Best to open the model, orbit or change the camerasettings (front), hit zoom extends (Shift Z) and then save the file

In a Normal Browser, go to the en log in to your account, look for the model and hit the hamburger menu (three little dashes) and choose ‘Edit’ and upload the updated file.