In Layout, how do I register a central point on the model on the Layout grid?

I’m just beginning to learn how to use Layout.

I’ve used Send to Layout to send a model from SU to Layout.

How do a register a central point in the model onto a Major grid intersection in Layout?

I want to move both the model and the dimensions I’ve added in Layout from where they are now, to the grid intersection a small distance up and to the left of the central point.

I can’t see how to do that easily, or at the moment, at all.

I can select all the dimensions and move them, but can’t see how to move either the model or the grid to register them to each other

when you select the stuff you want to move, there’s a central widget. It’s normally at the center of the entire selection but you can move it. Set it at the point where all your rays meet and then move the selection so that widget snaps to the desired location. Likely you will need to create a temporary line that ends at the intersection of the major divisions and I find it easier to turn off Grid Snapping in the Arrange menu.

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Thanks, Dave. That’s done it.

It worked when I followed your instructions carefully - I thought I’d tried that before, but the model/viewport didn’t seem to move with the dimensions.