Importing .pat files to Materials Library

I’m looking to import some .pat files into SketchUp from a suppliers website. The files I have downloaded are .pat files and when I try to import they are not showing up as acceptable supported image types or file extensions.

I don’t have AutoCad so I can’t access the .pat files that way. Is there an easy way to transfer these files into SketchUp? Or does anyone know how to change the .pat files into something that 2017 can read?

I thought it might be something a newer version of sketchup might be able to read but I havent upgraded yet. I plan on upgrading to 2020 at some point but just wonder if there is a workaround for 2017?

SketchUp doesn’t support .pat files. However, there are quite a few image apps that can open them and export as something SketchUp can open such as .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, etc. Check whatever image editor you have and see if it can do it.

I only have what came with Windows 10; paint, paint 3D, and photos. None of which will recognize the .pat files. Any programs you can recommend?

I can’t specifically recommend any, as I’ve never had a need to work with a .pat file. You could check this website for a list they say can do it.

You could try downloading the trial version of Hatchkit from
and taking screenshots from the viewer in it. Haven’t tried it myself. It is a standalone AutoCad pattern file editor/viewer.

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TIL Hatchkit…

Or, use Skalp: