Importing .obj files to Adobe Dimensions UV issues

We really need to be able to export a .obj file that Adobe Dimensions can recognize. I keep getting this error

“We have detected that the model has out of bound UVs. Out of bound IVs may affect the way materials and graphics are applied to the model. For ideal results ensure all UVs are in the 0-1 space.”

How can I change the model in Sketchup to comply with this demand from Adobe Dimensions. Most of the staff here are capable of using other render tools and are familiar with Adobe, so we want to be able to use models in the program to expedite the rendering.

Hi Jeff,

I looked at your model. It doesn’t look strange, so I’m not entirely sure what is going wrong. I moved the geometry to the axis and purged out all of the materials that were left over from the scale figure. Purge Unused might make a difference. I’ll send you back the files via email. Post here if it helps or not, though, please, for the sake of the next person in your shoes and to document the steps taken in case I need to bring in more help. Thanks!

Adobe Dimensions uses a version of vRay for rendering…

it may not recognise SU ‘colors’ as they have no texture or UV’s…

importing .obj into PS and exporting as .obj works for some people on the AD users forum…


I can import the .obj file just fine, I cannot add decals to it in Dimensions.

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