Importing from Simpson Strong Tie web page

I’d like to model a post base from Simpson Strong Tie’s web page. They provide DWG format drawings of Front, Left, Right and Top perspectives which I’ve imported into Sketchup (see links). However, the 2D drawings don’t allow me to select a face and so I can’t Push-Pull to create a 3D model.
Is there a way of creating a Sketchup 3D model from these. i appreciate that I could get all the dimensions from these drawings and start from scratch, but is there an easier way?

fill in the faces.

when you import a 2d dwg you import lines, inside a component. if you were to explode the component (or work inside, but if you explode it, at least, you can still re-insert the clean original from the component panel and then using the line tool retrace a few existing lines, SU would make faces. SU loves to make faces whenever you draw a line.
the alternative would be to use somthing like Eneroth’s Face Creator (an extension)

Then you would have faces, thereofre, you would be able to push pull.

There are models of the Simpson products in the 3D warehouse. It appears that Simpson has added most of their product line to the warehouse.

How are you importing it into SketchUp Free (web)? Or are you using a different version?

Simpson Post Saddle.skp (388.8 KB)

It is a simple process to model in SU from the Simpon CAD files.


Import the IFC file, not the DWGs.

Thanks. I was hoping to avoid retracing the lines. Funny thing is, I edited the conponent, selected and cut a circle, pasted it back in hoping to produce a face. No such luck, the circle was pasted in but no face. Any idea why?

Thanks. Yes, I see many Simpson products. Unfortunately the one I’m looking for is not there. THanks for the suggestion anyway.

I’m using Sketchup Go (Web)

So not the SketchUp Free (web) your profile claims you are using. Please update your profile. That information helps us help you.

Nice, but not quite the one I want. I’m looking for CBS46. Where did you find the one you posted?

And thanks!

Sketchup GO cannot import IFC files. Can other versions do this?

I modeled it in SU. Just import the DWG and use it as a reference. Translate the 2D view into a 3D model. Takes like 5 minutes max.

I think my profile is all messed up. A while ago I realized I had inadvertently created 2 logins and so I deleted one. I think I was told that the login wouldn’t physically be removed for 30 days or so. Now my profile icon is grayed out so I think I’m somehow using the deleted profile. Anyway I tried changing to Sketchup GO (Web) but that wasn’t an option. I’ve now changed it to Sketchup Pro (Web). I’ll endeavor to sort this our. Sorry for the confusion.

How did you model it? Are you suggesting I retrace the lines to make faces as ateliernab suggests?

Yes. For the grout-in legs, I used the DWG lines as the “follow me” path for a circle. It only takes a few minutes to model the whole component.

Got it. I didn’t think of “follow me”.