Importing DXF files with dimensions

Does anyone know how to import dimensions when importing DXF files?
The dimensions will not come over from my cad program.

First, see the link for supported and unsupport CAD elements.

Import DXF Text should get you the dimension text.

Is there a way to convert dimensions into geometry?

I’m sure there is with some clever extention.
But what is the use case, taken that you mean “dimension entities > edges”?

For example if I have to make a redesign of a part of a project most times I receive the plans on dwg format, I only model the part I have to work with obviously and the rest I leave it as 2D. If the project has been approved and it’s just a redesign I have no problem cause I use a hatch to show the approved part and it doesn’t need to have any text or dimensions, but if it hasn’t been approved yet I make all the documentation of the redesign and then I export it to dwg, but first I have to get rid of a lot of lines and blocks, and it can take a lot of time depending on the project it’s harder to get rid of those lines on autocad than on sketchup, some people have a weird way of drawing and everything is a mess I have to redraw a big part of the project and since I’m a perfectionist I can’t just leave everything like that and it’s impossible for me not to do it, I get anxiety, then insert the plans I imported. It would be better for me to just send it to LayOut with all the dimensions, focus just on the redesign and ignore the rest of the lines, just change the values of some lines from the model info tray and done.

You would need to explode the dimensions in your CAD programme to reduce the dimension to lines and text.
The text style will have to be a simple txt.SHX format - not truetype (TTF). For AutoCAD you can follow the advice from here.
SketchUP will then be able to import all the dimensions that have been reduced to simple lines.