Importing DWG to SU but lines don't meet to create shapes for extrusion


Tried looking for an answer. Trying to tidy up someone else’s model!

Imported from CAD, and all looks OK, until you try and fill in a space that should be a close entity. Having to trace over the lines. Sometimes find a tiny gap that needs closing but sometimes not. How can I speed up this process? The green area has been traced and filled for later. But the area with red mark, looks OK but actually isn’t. It’s so painstaking!!!

Normally, it is drawn correctly in CAD or checked that it was drawn correctly in a CAD program, and after that the file is imported in SU. If some problems still occur, use some of the existing plugins (ex: Edge Tools) to check and repair.
Also, in Styles panel, check ‘‘Endpoints’’.

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I’ll go check out Edge Tools, many thanks

If you share the file it’s gonna be easier to help you.