Importing DWG to Layout

If I import a DWG file to Layout, it works quite well. The problem is with interpretation of text entities. As you can see below, the text for the levels is very much bigger than in the original.

Is there an approved method of dealing with this simply, other than laboriously selecting each one and changing it?

Hi simoncbevans, a quick and easy way to do this is to create some text the height and style you want. Then, using the Style tool, select your created text and apply it to the group.

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Have you created the DWG yourself? Is the text set to be annotative or not, and what happens if you change it to one or the other?

I did end up doing something similar. I edited one piece of text to get it to the right size and justification, then I used the eyedropper as you did. However, I discovered that part of the problem was that some text came in inside a group, some with several layers of nesting, so I had to explode everything first. I posted separately about this problem in Layout today.

No, the topo survey was done by another party and I imported it. I wanted to see how close I could get to the original Autocad page appearance by importing into Layout. Text apart, and some unexpected groupings, it worked pretty well. I’m guessing that, for some reason, the conversion process is unable to recognize original text formatting and just does something random with it.

At least on the PC there’s no need to do that. You can select everything on the page and change the text size without even opening a group.

Here’s a quick example from a random DWG I inserted. I selected only the top level group and changed the font size for all of the text in one step. Some of the text boxes need a bit of adjustment because the text was smaller than what I set.

I just redid the exercise using a combination of @trent 's advice and @DaveR 's.

So I wrote a bit of sample text of appropriate size and justification, sampled it with the eyedropper, and then applied it to a random bit of text. All the text in the drawing then took on the formatting and it looked exactly as I hoped it would. Really easy and quick.

I’ll know what to do next time!