Importing DWG files to Layout

I watched Aeron’s video on “referencing DWG files in Layout” and was wondering how to manipulate the line weights of the imported DWG file once inserted in Layout?
I tried importing with the settings ticked “Sketchup Model References” and the result was a blank white rectangle with the DWG layers inported as Tags in to layout but am not able to edit or change any line weights. Can this be done?
I am able to import the DWG file but am not able to edit the TAGS in layout.

Line weights are a per-viewport setting. Inside the viewport, lines are graded per function as edges, profiles and section cut edges, their width relations set according to the SketchUp Style settings and multiplied by the width value you set in the SketchUp Model tray, Individual or tag line widths can not be set individually.

What version are you using? Old versions aren’t able to change the styles of the different lines on the viewport. In case you’re using a recent version you must the line scale of the viewport put it to one, if it’s less than that it’s not going to be noticeable the different line widths.

As per francisquitof above…

But if you are on 2023 ( I can’t remember what 2022 was like ), as I understand it:

  1. Insert DWG as Model Space and tick Import as a SketchUp model reference.

  2. Choose Active from the dropdown


  1. Turn off Background in Style


  1. Choose the scale and voilà


  1. Now you can turn off tags or override the tag lineweight, style and colour



  1. Or change the viewport Line Scale


Thanks a great deal but I am still stuck with a white box. I am using Layout 2023 and imported a DWG file . I followed your instructions but am unable to see an image.
Herre is the link for the DWG file I have trying to insert. Jeff

Tried it again and VOILA …it works! It was the scale that was incorrect. I reset the scale and everything works. The scale from the dialog box. thanks

Hi again,
After checking the import as Model Reference, what scale do you tick ? The DWG file was set to Feet. Do you click import Model Units or a relevant scale ?

What units do you elect ? Model Units or someone unit …in,ft,M