Importing a special character

A while ago, I produced a set of 3D printed stamps for a friend, consisting of numerals, letters and a special character (a maple leaf). He was able to provide me with a font that had all of the necessary characters.

Now he has asked for a new stamp with a special character (lonesome pine) that is not part of a font. Instead he has provided images in some different formats, bmp, jpg, tif and others. I tried this before with the maple leaf character but it was too complicated. When he was able to identify a font for me, that solved that problem.

So, here I am again to ask if it’s any easier today to get the lonesome pine image onto my stamp base.

The stamp base has a cylinder that will hold a 1/4" dowel to act as a handle. On top of the cylinder is a square block that will hold the character. In this skp, the square block is 1/2" square. I will also have to make one with a larger image on a 1" square. I’m hoping to attach the image on the top face of the square and then extrude it so it will work as a stamp.

Here’s the skp of my base with 1/2" square block on top of the cylinder, and also a jpg image of the lonesome pine.

letter base.skp (103.1 KB)

Hi Terry,

This looks like a job for Image Trimmer. Have you seen that?

Here I’ve run Image Trimmer, part of TIG’s SKM Tools. It starts by making a .png file with the white pixels made transparent in an image editor. After importing the image and saving the file, run Image Trimmer. You might need to experiment with the image simplification step at the end. It’ll be a compromise between simplified and pixelated edges.

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