Importing a skp-file duplicates an existing component

I modelled a memory module made it a component and with V-ray I gave 2 faces an orange and a yellow emissive collor. Then I safed this version as Trident Z5 OrangeYellow. I safed it again as Trident BluePurple. I closed Sketchup I open again and open Trident BluePurple. I change the component name in Entity Info and exchange the orange and yellow collors for blue and purple and safe it again. Then I have 2 different components in 2 different files. I close Sketchup and open the Trident OrangeYellow. Then I import the Trident BluePurple component, but the colors are orange and yellow. I closed all, rebooth the pc and the result is the same. What happens here? I suppose to have 2 different components with 2 sets of colors, but I get orange yellow in the BluePurple component.

you should duplicate the source component and then make it unique (right click menu). then change the name and attributes (colors etc). and save as two separate components. otherwise internally, the components have the same identifier for the definition.

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