Importing a Fusion 360 SKP file and do a good Pull

Hello SULO’s

Sometimes I do create small things like metal work in F360, and export them as .skp files. They become components inside a component in SU. No problemo.

However; if I create something with a length of 500mm, but need it in my SU work file’s but with a longer length, I import the F360 file and Pull it to the correct length. Usually with square corner’s and no rounding, it works fine.

But if it got rounding’s then the rounding’s do get extra line, and of course I don’t need that. Smoothing it out doesn’t work.
Scaling the length does work, but then of course it scale other thing like holes, shapes, corners too; and that a real bad thing. So bad.

DakTrim - Antraciet Alu v1.skp (174.3 KB)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Without seeing the geometry one option would be to turn on hidden geometry select the appropriate parts and use the move tool.
Another option would be to use FredoScale which allows you to select and stretch a component but not the parts within.
There are other extensions that do this too.

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The lines you are seeing are due to the arcs being exploded from F360. Clean up the unneeded coplanar edges and then Weld the remaining ones. After that you can use Push/Pull without getting those unwanted edges. Here I’m running CleanUp3 to get rid of the unneed geometry created by F360 and then Eneroth AutoWeld to weld all weldable edges.

These profiles are simple enough that you could have drawn them in SketchUp to start with. Or you could export a 2D profile from F360 and use that as the starting point. Less to clean up to make it suitable for use.

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