Imported objects are only showing in wireframe

hey, i imported couch from, but it is only showing in wireframe (Windows 11, GeForce RTX 2060 D6 6GB GDDR6)

It’s hard to tell from your screen shot but either you need to turn off Hidden Geometry or you need to edit the object and soften the edges.

I’m not going to sign up for that place so I can test it but if you share the .skp file I’ll look at it. I suspect it’s the latter. I’d bet that the original model was not created in SketchUp and the file format they have it in is a triangulated thing.

By the way, that’s no Wireframe. That just unsoftened edges. Wireframe would have no faces at all.

Thank you for the fast reply!,
I had to upload it to mediafire because the file is too big.

It just needs the edges softened.

Well, it also needs tag usage corrected.
Screenshot - 6_27_2023 , 4_48_14 PM
And your model is full of unused stuff that could stand to be purged.
Screenshot - 6_27_2023 , 4_48_37 PM

You should also learn to use groups for the walls and other content you create.

Hopefully you won’t be adding too many components like this couch to your model. It’ll get to be heavy and hard to work with in short order if you do.

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Thank you so much!!!

Just a word of warning, if you start to populate a model with imported objects that detailed - you will soon feel things getting sluggish