Imported model resolution difference

There is a big degradation of resolution between a 3d model of a tree when imported into a new file.

my OpenGL is set to max resolution

Probably because in the first picture you have a style and shadows off, and in the second picture you have another style and shadows active.

I don’t think its that, because when I match the edge styles and the face styles and the shadow setting, they still look totally different resolution. Coul it be something with the leaves? Thats where I really see the biggest difference.

Could you add the tree to your post for use to try?

You did start a new document after changing the use max texture size option?

Does the V-Ray render look normal, even if you use the less good looking tree?

3_3d model sketchup trees collection_02_tree_21.skp (2.2 MB)

I’ve tried starting a new document after changing max texture and it still looks shabby

Check your Style settings under ‘Face Style’. Is one set to ‘Nicer’ and the other set to ‘Faster’?

I changed to nicer. that helped make the tree look fuller. It still looks low res. tho

SketchUp doesn’t reduce poly’s or texture sizes when inserted in another file (it would be awesome if it could, though)
The objects can be considered as ‘little Sketchup files’ inside the main model.
So it must be some kind of setting of how you display things.