"Maximum Texture Size" not showing in Layout 2017

Recently updated to SketchUp 2017, but not sure if this is a 2017 bug or apparent in other versions. After the upgrade I forgot to click “Use Maximum Texture Size” in SketchUp’s openGL settings, so my models were showing low resolution textures (particularly the aerial photos I use for backgrounds). Of course, this was easily fixed in the model, when I selected 'Use Maximum Texture Size" the imported images instantly flipped back to the resolution I expected.

HOWEVER, this is not the case for Layout 2017. I have saved my models, reloaded my models, relinked my models, purged models and tried again - nothing works. In Layout the textures still show up as low resolution even though I have confirmed the high resolution textures are in my model.

Thoughts on this from anyone? Solutions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Just a dumb question: In LayOut, is your Rendering resolution set to High?