Import - "use as image" not showing in materials

Import - “use as image” not showing in materials. I have to explode the image to get it to show in the material library.

This means when using octane render the material is not being mapped, until exploded.

Is this a bug? The web version of sketch up doesn’t have the same issue.

No. It is just as it is intended to work. When you start importing an image, you have the choice whether import it as an image or a material.

Thank you for the reply.

I want to import it as an object, but also need octane to see the material being used. This is also an issue for components being downloaded from the warehouse.

Octane is using the materials in sketch to generate octane materials and if none are found then they are not converted.

I’ll write back to octane support.

One question, why does the web version work differently?